Where are they now? – Dr Anika Prabhu

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Visiting the biggest tourist attractions in the United States
  • What years were you in the Brown Lab?

2012-2017 (Honours research year, and PhD) 

  • What memories do you have of your time in the Brown Lab?

Lots of cloning and Westerns, spending long evening hours in the cell culture hood with fellow ‘later plater’ Winnie, lab lunches at the Vietnamese restaurants in Randwick, and productive lab meetings!

  • What are you doing now?

Postdoc’ing at the National Institutes of Health in Washington D.C. 

  • Why did you choose the lab? 

I was very interested in biochemistry in undergrad and wanted to pursue a research project with a focus in mechanistic biology. I found studying the cholesterol synthesis pathway and its multiple layers of regulation to be a complex and intriguing problem that met these needs. More than that, I stayed in the lab to complete a PhD when I saw how Andrew himself was excited and passionate about the science, and had created an environment filled with students and staff that felt the same way. While this is important in any job, research comes with a unique set of challenges that are made significantly easier when working with such a supportive and enthusiastic lab group.

Thanks for your time Anika!

Visiting the biggest tourist attractions in the United States

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